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For the last few years, Rabbi Phyllis Sommer has embarked on a social media project to prepare for the High Holy Days through reflection and introspection in the month of Elul. Her project, #BlogElul, has resonated with Jews across the world, and has given rise to a lot of Elul content in social media–and now it’s time for Or Chadash to join the movement! During the month of Elul, as we prepare to receive the year 5776, members of the Or Chadash community will create posts centered around the themes provided by Rabbi Sommer. This blog will collect these posts and allow us to engage in meaningful conversations via comments and perhaps even your own responses on your social media. We encourage you to participate in the worldwide conversation in order to enrich your Elul experience.

We will collect those posts in a the blog which will allow us to engage in meaningful conversations via comments and perhaps even your own responses on your social media. We encourage you to participate in the worldwide conversation in order to enrich your Elul experience. If you're interested, please email  office@orchadash.org
withwhich day(s)/theme(s) you would like to write about.